Crystal Guide and Disclaimer

This is just a  small sample as I load more crystals I will update this page accordingly

 Please remember crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.



Self Love  -  Stability  -  Sleep

When dealing with shadows that lurk within the unconscious, the demons that dwell within dreams, an ancient stone must be used as protection.
Agate is one of the oldest stones among the crystals, using its wisdom to attract strength. This power can be used to alleviate nightmares while also protecting from stress.
It is also recommended as a stone carried when making big decisions as it refines precision and perceptiveness.


Self-Expression-Unconditional  Love


Amazonite is used to aid in the expression of your true self, calming and soothing the brain is allows you to express yourself clearly and honestly. It combines both information and intuition allowing you to make the best-informed choices without emotion clouding your judgment. It allows you to see both points of view within problematic situations. 

It is a protector from electromagnetic pollution; place it near your cellphone or between you and a microwave, helping to filter the rays. 

Amazonite is known to give feelings of unconditional love, alleviating all worries and fear within relationships. 



Sobriety - Protection - Serenity

Energy that is broken and fragmented loses its rhythm and power. It is a puzzle missing pieces, obscuring the portrait and unsettling the visions.
Amethyst is stability. It is strength, invigoration and peace. It creates harmony within by focusing your energies, encouraging positive dreams.
As a protective stone it is linked to faithfulness and modesty. When worn as a necklace it seeps into the chest, offering aid to true meditation.


Leadership - Growth - Protection

As technology continues to take over today’s society electromagnetic pollution surround us everywhere we turn. Aventurine protects you against this smog. Keep it near your cellphone to minimize the pollution in your environment. 

Being a leader requires decisiveness, compassion and perseverance, Aventurine helps to foster all these qualities. It aids in diffusing negative situations and to create empathy for others. It links the intellectual and emotional thoughts, making it a strong business tool, creating endless possibilities. 

Aventurine can help with growth in the early stages of life, making it a crucial crystal for children in their development. 


Acceptance - Success -Calming

As we journey through the cycle of life, some are fearful of what lies ahead.  Carnelian helps to guide us in making positive life choices and accepting the journey ahead, giving us guidance in the after life and removing fear of death.

Daydreamers tune into reality with amplified motivation and concentration. Making Carnelian the perfect aid in business, promoting success and grounding you in the present, it creates at strong sense of clarity. 

Emotionally Carnelian calms anger, from yourself and those around you, protecting you against feeling of envy and resentment. 

Carnelian is known to cleanse other stones of negative energies and creating a clean slate.


Success - Clarity - Regenerator

A rare breed of crystal that is not bound by cleansing rituals, Citrine stays forever clear of negative energies, fostering only those of love and joy.
Known as the ‘stone of the mind’ it offers clarity to your mental power, enhancing concentration. It is also known as a regenerator, able to cleanse and purify toxins within the body.
With strong connections to self-esteem, it teaches one to attract wealth and success.


Protection - Self Love - Purifying


If we cannot love ourselves, then how can we ever hope to feel the love of others?

Self-love is empowering and allows a feeling of wholeness. Fluorite is a stone that fosters this feeling and brings about peace and protection.

It helps to clear the mind and calm the soul, allowing its wearer to discover their own self-worth and character.

Extremely effective against electromagnetic stress, so very beneficial to have next to your computer. 



Tranquility - Energy - Protection

Your body’s energy is constantly being picked at, dragged away from your core as you push your limbs to move and work every day.
Kyanite is a stone that works to restore this energy and create a balance within your body. It is about stillness and tranquillity. It dispels anger and frustration and instead breeds compassion and communication. 
It brings protection to your dream states. A stone that is at its most powerful when eliminating confusion from emotional, spiritual or intellectual issues.
It also does not need to be cleansed, able to keep itself clean of all negative energy.

Black Obsidian

Positivity - Protection - Truth

Obsidian is a stubborn rock, built for physicality. It is bound between the muscles, growing within the tissue, making it stronger.
It stays close to the soil, keeping its wearer grounded and protected against outside negativity. It converts this dark energy into light, focusing the mind.
It is said to benefit the stomach, intestines, muscle tissue and can cleanse the body of bacterial and viral infections.



 Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone,which when placed on the crown chakra in meditation is said to enhance psychic abilities and induce visions  Man Made Stone



Luck - Warmth - Energy Shield

What lies at the edge of your comfort zone is a plain of self-discovery, a reflection of your character pure and untouched. But exploration both physical and personal comes with its risks.
Pyrite is symbolic of the sun as it brings forth feelings of warmth, strengthening the mind. It takes the properties of our star and works as an energy shield, blocking negativity and feelings of inadequacy.
It becomes most useful when embarking in areas of danger, the faraway lands we venture to in the escape of our comfort zone. Its energies overcome fatigue, adding in the treatment of asthma.    


Healing  -  Power  -  Energy

The most recognizable of all the crystals, Quartz is what’s known as a ‘power stone’. Named the Universal Crystal because of its many uses, there’s not a lot this stone can’t do.

It works with all the energies in the world by enhancing them through absorbing and amplifying. It takes these powers and balances them, focusing in on their individual properties.
Being a clear stone it works faster than coloured ones, rejuvenating the mind and clearing away headaches.
It also effective in improving ones memory, beneficial for storing and retrieving information.

Rose Quartz

Love - Self Love - Creative

Rose Quartz is the ‘stone of love’, however its properties cover much more than just your relationships. It amplifies the feeling of self-worth and to feel worthy of love.

Gentle in nature, Rose Quartz releases feelings of peace that open the heart.


Clarity - Reconciliation - Healer

Love is not a gift that can be stored away and forgotten about. It is one that requires care and attention for it to flourish and grown. It feeds on understanding.
Selenite is a stone that offers lovers reconciliation and a way to reconnect.
It is a transformation stone that heals old wounds and converts negative energies, allowing for greater consideration and tolerance. It brings about clarity and offers the mind a truly deep peace.
The stone can also aid in the aging process as it has the ability to clear away age spots and wrinkles.